Our whitening gels are an 18% Carbamide Peroxide, which is the strongest legal concentration of whitening formula that the Australian government allows.

Although Carbamide Peroxide has a longer wear time then Hydrogen Peroxide, studies have shown that it can give slightly better results and lessens the chances of sensitivity over Hydrogen Peroxide. Each kit contains enough gel for up to 12 treatments!

Our advanced multi-layer whitening formula works by penetrating through the outer layer of your teeth, known as the enamel, to break down the stain-causing molecules that are located on the surface of your teeth.

Combining our special whitening formula with our LED light technology enables the process to be sped up which ultimately allows the gel to penetrate stains located deep within your teeth, allowing you to have a white smile from the inside out.

Recent studies have shown that Carbamide Peroxide causes less sensitivity than other teeth whitening products such as Hydrogen Peroxide. If you have healthy gums and teeth, our product should not cause you any sensitivity.

However, if you suffer from gum disease, gum recession or if you have worn down your enamel, you may experience mild sensitivity to any whitening products. This does not mean that you can not use the product!

If you are concerned, one of our On-The-Go Teeth Whitening Pens can be used by applying a thin layer over the teeth to test for sensitivity.
Alternatively, if you have any concerns, consult with your dentist.

There are many aspects that can cause tooth discoloration such as diet, medication and oral hygiene.

Because of these factors, results will vary with each individual smile, but you should start to see change by your 3rd to 6th treatment!

Studies have shown that for maximum results, an 18% Carbamide Peroxide should be used for 30-40 minutes per day for 6-12 consecutive days.

Each individual’s circumstances can affect the endurance of your results.
Aspects of life such as diet (red wine, coffee), smoking, oral hygiene, and even medication can affect the way that your teeth retain their new white colour.

It is recommended that once your desired colour is achieved, that a top-up cycle is done every 4-6 weeks, consisting of roughly 3-6 consecutive days of treatment.

The time between top-up cycles can be extended by using our charcoal tooth scrub 2-3 times per week to brush away daily surface stains, and one of our On-The-Go Whitening Pens throughout the day, after coloured foods or drinks.

Unfortunately, it is not recommended to use any whitening products whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.